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The Perfect Sleep Temperature

The Perfect Sleep Temperature

Not sure if you are too hot or too cold? Need your leg in or leg out? Quilt on, quilt off? Some nights, it doesn't matter what you try - that perfect sleep temperature is simply impossible to find. Constantly tossing and turning, disrupts your rest and diminishes the quality of your sleep. Instead of waking refreshed and ready to take on the world, you wake exhausted to spend the day feeling tired and lethargic, desperate for bedtime to roll round again.


To achieve maximum benefit from your slumber, sleep specialists recommend that you keep your bedroom quiet, dark and most importantly, cool. They suggest that a room temperature of approximately 18oC is ideal. When preparing for bed, keeping both your room and your body at a lower temperature is especially beneficial - our bodies are designed to operate with a cooler core temperature at night.


As the day draws to a close, your body prepares for bed cleverly making subtle adjustments to lower body temperature and allow you to fall asleep faster. If you are too warm at bedtime, your body will need to work harder to cool down. This added exertion can be all that is required to interfere with your sleep cycle, preventing you from reaching deep sleep. And it is deep sleep that is the sleep stage essential for the restorative sleep that sees us wake refreshed and well rested.


No climate control in your bedroom? Why not try MiniJumbuk's suggestions to keep your cool and achieve your perfect sleep temperature.

  • Open your bedroom door or window to keep cool air circulating
  • Choose sheets and quilt covers made from cool natural fibres like cotton, linen or bamboo
  • Trial different combinations of sleepwear especially those made from natural, breathable fibres that can help regulate body temperature
  • Minimise exertion - light snacks and gentle exercise are great choices for the evening
  • Use a summer weight quilt for the warmer months and keep a light rug near for a cosy layer as the weather turns colder