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Caring for your MiniJumbuk Mattress Topper

Caring for your MiniJumbuk Mattress Topper

MiniJumbuk mattress toppers are very easy to care for.

We recommend airing your mattress topper before first use. This helps to freshen and revitalise the wool fibres in the fleecy wool pile and the wool fibres inside the mattress topper after it has been removed from the packaging.

It is not necessary to launder our mattress toppers before first use.


We also recommend the following tips to prolong the life of your mattress topper

  • Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, so rather than regular washing we recommend airing your mattress topper outside a few times a year on a warm breezy day.
  • After washing, the wool fleecy pile may change in appearance and the wool may look more ‚Äúcurly‚Äù. You can restore its fluffier appearance by brushing the wool gently. A wire pet brush or comb is great for this job. Any change in appearance of the wool will not affect its comfort.
  • Before airing we recommend spritzing the mattress topper with a little water before hanging it on the line which will freshen up the mattress topper. Regular airing will extend the life of the topper.
  • Every few months we suggest gently vacuuming the topper to remove any dead skin cells, this will also rejuvenate the fleecy wool pile.
  • There may be some loose fibres, this is completely normal, a quick vacuum or gentle brush will remove any loose fibres.
  • Many people like to sleep on the woollen side of the topper year round. All of our multi-layer toppers however are fully reversible and can be flipped over in the summer months so you sleep on the cooler cotton side.


Laundering your sheets/linen regularly will help protect the mattress topper and prolong its life and we recommend using good quality sheets with our mattress toppers.


If you do decide to wash or dry clean your mattress topper, please ensure that you follow the care label instructions. Large mattress toppers will need to be laundered in a large commercial washing machine. Wool doesn't like being agitated and neither does it like getting too hot, so always wash machine washable mattress toppers in a front loader washing machine in 40oc warm water.


If you are dry cleaning your mattress topper, always ask the dry cleaner to ensure they follow the care label. We also recommend that you seek a dry cleaner who is a member of the Dry Cleaners Institute of Australia to be sure that good care is taken of your MiniJumbuk mattress topper - (Note that some stains (such as sweat) can become 'set' through the dry cleaning process).


All of our MiniJumbuk mattress toppers come with a five year manufacturer's warranty, however if you follow the simple steps above you will find that your mattress topper will give you many more years of sleeping comfort.

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