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Ultra-Fresh and Dust Mites

Ultra-Fresh and Dust Mites

Independent tests show a MiniJumbuk quilt has virtually zero dust mites after two years!


This is amazing news for anyone managing asthma or allergies. Dust mites are one of the major allergenic triggers for asthma, and in ordinary bedding their numbers can multiply quickly into hundreds, if not thousands in no time.


The MiniJumbuk range of wool-filled quilts, mattress toppers and pillows have been subjected to scientific testing by an independent testing authority (AATCC Test Method 194-2006).


The AATCC is the world's largest technical society devoted to the advancement of textile science.


Their tests proved that dust mites failed to breed in MiniJumbuk products, and even a two year old quilt, had a virtually zero dust mite population. On the other hand a leading competitor's quilt was home to well over a thousand of these nasty creatures.

What is the MiniJumbuk secret in dust mite control?

All MiniJumbuk wool filled bedding features Ultra-Fresh, a highly effective anti-bacterial process. This deprives dust mites of their food source and prevents them from multiplying in the bedding.

This combined with MiniJumbuk's high quality standards and full control of manufacturing, right here in Australia, from bale to bed, has led to these outstanding results.

By using Ultra-Fresh in all MiniJumbuk wool filled bedding products there is no need to worry about germs and dust mites that cause common allergies, or that musty smell associated with mould and mildew. Ultra-Fresh provides hygienic freshness that lasts.