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Choosing the right quilt for you

Choosing the right quilt for you

From the minute you slide into bed each night until the minute you bounce (or crawl!) out each morning, you need to feel comfortable. We all know that a great night's sleep is the key to a happy and healthy life and, whether you call it a quilt, a duvet or a doona, what you sleep under each night can hugely impact the quality of your sleep.


If you have been experiencing interrupted, restless sleep, tossing and turning throughout the night or waking too hot or cold, maybe your quilt is the cause. Often overlooked, a quilt is an important investment for you and your sleep and with so many options available it can be confusing to decide what will suit you best.


Time for a new quilt? Consider your needs to help you make the right choice the first time.


How much to spend?

The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ can provide an insight into the type and quality of your quilt. Invest in your sleep – purchase the best quality that you can afford and remember - keep an eye out for sales!


What size should I buy?

Choose a quilt to fit your bed. If you have a deep mattress or sleep with a partner that enjoys three quarters of your quilt, you may find that upsizing (buying a quilt one size bigger that your bed) gives you the coverage that you need.


What is loft?

Loft refers to the look of your quilt on the bed. You may prefer the fluffier, puffier look that is achieved with a feather and down quilt over the flat, smoother effect of that a wool quilt provides.


Why does fill matter?

Consider the unique advantages offered by different types of fill materials as this can greatly impact your sleep quality and affect the warmth, weight and washability of your quilt.

Feather and down quilts are warm and fluffy but are generally unsuitable for allergy and asthma sufferers. Man-made fibre quilts are often inexpensive and easily laundered but can be sweaty to sleep under.

Quilts made from natural fibres like wool or cotton are great choices, offering lightweight warmth and breathability for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Heavy or light?

Do you prefer the freedom of a lightweight quilt or the calming effect of sleeping under something heavier? Often it is the type and density of fill that not only determines the weight of your quilt but can affect the warmth of it.

How do you sleep?

Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Do you sleep in a warm environment? With a partner? Night time overheating is one of the most common causes of sleep disruption.

Choose a quilt that suits the seasons and reflects the way you sleep - you may like to have two quilts – one for summer and another for the cooler months. Wool quilts breathe naturally and offer unique moisture management properties that can help your body adapt to temperature changes throughout the night.

Choosing a quilt that is right for you can be challenging. Taking the time to consider what quilts are available as well as what you need from your quilt may help make the decision a little less difficult. MiniJumbuk makes a range of quilts - you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!


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Choosing the right quilt for you