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Are you using the wrong pillow?

Are you using the wrong pillow?
Some nights it feels like you have just crawled into bed and the alarm is telling you that it is already time to rise and shine! When it comes to a bad night’s sleep, often the last culprit you consider is your pillow. How can you tell if you are using the wrong pillow?

Actually, it’s pretty easy! Apart from feeling like you haven’t slept a wink, you may wake with a sore neck, shoulders or back or be suffering from general aches and pains. You may toss and turn all night, seriously interrupting your sleep as you desperately seek (and failing) to find that one comfy sleeping position.

The secret to choosing the right pillow lies in maintaining correct spinal posture throughout the night. Imagine the natural ‘S’ shaped curve of your spine as you stand against a wall, eyes looking straight ahead. A great pillow will help you achieve this ‘neutral spine’ position, even when you are lying on your side, leading to a more comfortable sleep. Time to buy a new pillow? Here are our tips on what to consider.

What to avoid

Back sleepers – a pillow that is too high and firm forces the head forward. The chin is pushed awkwardly towards the chest, increasing pressure on the muscles in the back of the neck.

Side sleepers – a very soft, low profile pillow, particularly for broad shouldered side sleepers, can see the head dip too far towards the bed. The outside of the neck becomes uncomfortably strained, transmitting pain through the upper back and hips.

Tummy sleepers – a popular sleep position, tummy sleeping is notorious - possibly the worst position - for poor spinal alignment. High pillows will see the back, neck and hips twisting at unusual angles and is often accompanied by all sorts of night time discomfort.

MiniJumbuk offers a choice of pillows in a range of height profiles. Choose from our Breathe, Balance or Dreamers Kids pillow. However you sleep, MiniJumbuk has the perfect pillow to improve your comfort and ensure you sleep soundly all night long.

Are you using the wrong pillow?