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Cleaning and Care Tips for MiniJumbuk wool quilts

Cleaning and Care Tips for MiniJumbuk wool quilts

MiniJumbuk products are very easy to care for.

We recommend airing quilts before their first use, this helps to freshen and revitalise the wool fibres inside the quilt after the quilt has been removed from the packaging. It is not necessary to launder our quilts before first use.


Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, so rather than regular washing we recommend airing your quilt regularly outside on a warm breezy day. Spritzing the quilt with a little water before hanging it on the line will also freshen up the quilt. Regular airing will extend the life of your quilt.


Laundering your sheets/linen regularly will help protect the quilt and prolong its life and we recommend using good quality quilt covers with all of our quilts.


If you do decide to wash or dry clean your quilt please ensure that you follow the care label instructions. Wool doesn't like being agitated and neither does it like getting too hot, so always wash machine washable quilts in a front loader washing machine in 40o warm water.


If you are dry cleaning your quilt always ask the dry cleaner to ensure they follow the care label. We also recommend that you seek a dry cleaner who is a member of the Dry Cleaners Institute of Australia to be sure that good care is taken of your MiniJumbuk quilt - (Note that some stains (such as sweat) can become 'set' through the dry cleaning process).


If you don't want to wash your quilt, but have a small stain on it, the mix recommended by Woolmark for spot cleaning of most stains (blood, tea, urine, vomit etc) is as follows:


Solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water.

All of our MiniJumbuk quilts come with a five year manufacturer's warranty, however if you follow the simple steps above you will find that your MiniJumbuk quilt will give many more years of comfort and fantastic sleep.

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