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Create a bedroom environment for sleep

Create a bedroom environment for sleep

Struggling to sleep? At MiniJumbuk, we understand the importance of good sleep. How long, and how well you sleep is closely entwined with both your overall health and your performance throughout the day. Poor quality sleep is known to have detrimental physical and psychological effects on your body, so if you are having trouble sleeping, maximising your potential for good sleep could be the key to a long and happy life.


If you wake each morning feeling it was only minutes since you closed your eyes, maybe the cause is not what you are doing, but where you are doing it. Have a good look around your bedroom. Have you created a quiet relaxing environment for sleep, or is it chaos of shoes, clothes, laundry and ‘stuff’ scattered on every surface? Creating a calm, peaceful bedroom environment will help you to relax and unwind at the end of the day, preparing you for a fabulous night’s sleep. Even better, you can create this restful setting without breaking the bank. MiniJumbuk has compiled a list of simple ways to set the scene and ensure your bedroom is a sanctuary for great sleep.


  • Start with a clean and uncluttered bedroom. Clear away any clothes, empty coffee cups or dirty laundry and pop some fresh sheets on your bed.
  • Create a calm atmosphere with low lights and some soothing aromas. Lavender and clary sage are two popular sleep benefiting scents.
  • Keep your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Electronic devices should be kept in another room at nighttime.
  • Keep your bedroom as dark as possible. If you don’t have block out curtains or blinds, try investing in an eye mask.
  • You will sleep better in a cool environment. Keep the room temperature low (180 C is considered ideal) and choose breathable bedding made from natural fibres like wool and cotton to help prevent overheating as you sleep.
  • If your sleep is frequently disrupted by noise, earplugs are a great way to block annoying sounds. Alternatively, you may prefer using white noise to mask disturbing noises.


Create a bedroom environment for sleep