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Does winter bedding make a difference?

Does winter bedding make a difference?

MiniJumbuk has been making Australian wool bedding products for nearly 50 years. And in our experience, when asked 'Does winter bedding make a difference?', we believe the answer is a resounding yes.

If you have been waking up cold in the night, feeling the chill of the change of seasons, you can improve the quality of your sleep with a few simple tweaks to your bedding. 

While you want to be warm and cosy as you sleep, changes that occur in your body as you sleep can work against you. Your body temperature drops slightly as you sleep and you naturally seek the snuggly warmth of your bed to help you nod off.

As you move through the different stages of sleep, if your sleep environment is too warm, you are likely to overheat and run the risk of disrupted or poor quality sleep. 

The challenge is to ensure your bedding offers a good balance between insulating you against the cold night air, while preventing you overheating as you sleep. So how can you tweak your bedding and improve your sleep this winter? 

  • Use layers - these can be easily added or removed as the temperature changes. For winter try warmer sheets, a thicker quilt cover or simply add a light rug or throw to give a little extra warmth as the temperature drops. 
  • Choose natural breathable fibres - wool is a great choice for winter bedding. Wool's unique wicking abilities mean wool bedding offers thermo-regulating properties that allow your body to remain at a more consistent temperature as you sleep. 
  • Keep the heating low - the ideal temperature for sleep is around 18oC. For better sleep, ensure your sleep environment is cool and adjust your bedding or bedclothes. Consider investing in a quilt specially designed for cold winter nights if you are continually waking cold.

Winter quilts

  • Insulate your mattress – prevent cold air coming through your mattress with a mattress topper. Mattress toppers offer warmth and comfort to your bed. Today, many are reversible – wool for winter, cotton for summer - making them perfect to flip with the seasons.

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Does winter bedding make a difference?