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Creating a Healthy Bedroom

Creating a Healthy Bedroom

Nobody enjoys cleaning, but have you ever considered as you snuggle into your bed each night that your room may be sabotaging your health?


Dust mites, mould and bacteria may be lurking in your cupboards or crawling through your bed awaiting an opportunity to interfere with your sleep. Not sure how to create a healthy bedroom, and reap the benefits of a great night's sleep? The following ABC will get you started.


Air - Open curtains and windows. Sunshine is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant. Natural light enhances mood and supports synchronisation of the body's sleep rhythms. Fresh air lowers humidity, inhibiting the growth of any mould or bacteria, which may be present especially where there is an adjoining bathroom.


Bed - Change the sheets. Regular laundering of bedding prevents a build-up of oils and skin cells. At the same time rotate and vacuum the mattress. Air quiltsand mattress toppersor protectors and spritz lightly with an essential oil, such as tea tree or eucalyptus, which also has natural antibacterial properties. Dust mites love beds almost as much as humans, feeding primarily on dead skin cells. Vigilance with bed hygiene will assist in controlling their prime food source and limit their presence in the home.


Clean - Clear the bedroom of any items that are not sleep related. They are distracting and provide homes for unwanted creatures. Dust and where possible wipe hard surfaces with a damp cloth to remove stubborn dirt. Choosing cleaning products without harsh chemicals has health and environmental benefits. Vacuum carpets at least weekly and regularly vacuum any soft furnishings that will attract dust. Limiting bedroom use to sleep related purposes and keeping pets out of bedrooms will also minimise the necessity to clean.