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Creating the best bed (and night’s sleep) ever!

Creating the best bed (and night’s sleep) ever!

At MiniJumbuk, we are passionate about the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and strongly believe the key to a good night’s sleep is wool. 

At the heart of the best bed possible is the MiniJumbuk Sleep System, comprising:

  1. A MiniJumbuk Mattress Topper
  2. A MiniJumbuk Australian Wool Quilt
  3. MiniJumbuk Australian Wool Pillows

Our Sleep System is best thought of in terms of Aristotle's concept of holistic synergies - the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

When combining MiniJumbuk's three core components - mattress topperquilt and pillow - you gain the maximum benefits of sleeping with wool, leading to improved sleep quality and a better night's sleep.

MiniJumbuk Australian Wool Mattress Topper Benefits

Because wool breathes, a woollen mattress topper underlay assists with circulation of air around your body when you sleep, and will act to move moisture away from your body. 

This helps your body to more effectively maintain an even sleeping temperature, so you don’t wake up hot and sweaty or freezing cold.

Additionally, results from body pressure mapping tests show that a person’s body weight is more evenly dispersed and pressure points are dramatically reduced. This results in a more comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning – key to a more restful sleep.

MiniJumbuk Australian Wool Quilt Benefits

Exclusive to MiniJumbuk’s range of quilts is Airlight™ Technology, an advanced process that is exclusive to MiniJumbuk, that creates layers of wool that trap air for more effective insulation and thermoregulation.

When combined with our super fine cotton casings, the result is a lighter, more comfortable quilt that perfectly regulates sleeping temperature.

MiniJumbuk Australian Wool Pillow Benefits

Our Australian Wool pillows aid air to circulate around your face, which in turn lets your skin breathe while you sleep. 

Our wool fillings are mixed with a unique spiral fibre which has a natural crimp, creating softness and springiness that lasts.

Because wool naturally breathes and manages moisture, your MiniJumbuk pillow won't stain or retain odours in the way other pillows might.

The Science of Sleeping Better with Wool

But don’t take out word for it – studies conducted by the University of Sydney show that wool helps you stay warm when the weather is cold and cool while the weather is hot. Sleeping with wool allows your body to adjust to its ideal temperature, so you sleep more peacefully and awake more refreshed. 

"Wool regulates your body temperature far better, keeping you in what is known as 'the thermal comfort zone.' You therefore not only fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, but also have deeper, better quality sleep," states Associate Professor Chin Moi Chow, The University of Sydney.

Creating the best bed (and night’s sleep) ever!