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Are you making these simple bed making mistakes?

Are you making these simple bed making mistakes?

Great sleep starts with a properly made bed! If you have tried just about everything for a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep and are still having trouble, maybe it’s because you didn’t follow a few simple rules. While bed making is a pretty straightforward process, why not try these quick tips today and enjoy better sleep tonight.


  • Ensure your fitted bottom sheet is the correct size for your mattress – it should fit snugly around the corners and tuck neatly underneath – to prevent it slipping off your mattress and tangling around you as you sleep. While there is no need to waste your days ironing sheets, scrunched up, wrinkled and ill-fitting sheets are awful to sleep on.
  • Choose good quality sheets that are soft to touch and won’t feel scratchy as you sleep. Natural fibres like cotton, linen and bamboo are excellent fabrics for sheets, allowing your skin to breathe as you sleep.
  • Fresh sheets are wonderful to sleep with. Wash your bed linen weekly and air your quilts and pillows regularly. Sunlight is nature’s antibacterial. Take advantage of a warm, sunny day to air or dry your bedding and banish any nasty dust mites or other allergens that may fancy a night or two in your bed.
  • Night time overheating from a hot mattress is a common reason for sleep disruption. Investing in a breathable wool or cotton mattress topper may help as these absorbent natural fibres help manage moisture and regulate body temperature as you sleep.
  • Where bed partners sleep at different temperatures, the Scandinavian practise of individual quilts can help. Making your bed with layers of different warmth - sheets, quilt and blankets that you can pull up or kick off throughout the night, is another great way to achieve your perfect sleep temperature.

Are you making these simple bed making mistakes?