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Does thread count really matter?

Does thread count really matter?

At the end of a long and difficult day, nothing beats sliding into bed. Slipping between soft fresh sheets for a great night's sleep is the best thing ever! You don't need to be a lover of fine linen to appreciate the benefits of quality and realise that stiff, scratchy bedding just doesn't quite the deliver that same feeling of luxury.


Thread count is often used as a basis for selecting bed clothes, higher numbers being associated with increased comfort levels. But what does thread count actually refer to and is that all we should be considering? MiniJumbuk knows that nothing is more important than a good night's sleep and decided to investigate.


The term thread count refers to the number of 'warp' and 'weft' (horizontal and vertical) threads that have been woven together to create a square inch of fabric. Adding the numbers, a fabric 150 by 150 becomes 300 thread count, and 200 by 200 becomes 400. Higher counts usually indicate that longer, finer threads have been used resulting in a softer, smoother and superior fabric.


Other factors that have an impact on the comfort of your bed linen include the type and quality of the fibre and the weave. Poor quality fibres are often short and tend to break more easily. Even with a high thread count, fabrics made with these fibres will have a harsher feel and be less durable.


Poly-cotton materials are easy care and usually well priced but can leave you feeling clammy as you sleep. Regulate your temperature for deeper, more comfortable sleep by choosing a breathable, all-natural fibre for your sheets and team it with your choice of MiniJumbuk wool quilt.


The type of weave will determine the look, feel, durability and even the price of the material. From a very basic or percale weave through to the more complex sateen, jacquard or damask, even sheets with the same thread count will appear different.


At the end of the day, when choosing your sheets, take some time to test the softness against your skin. If it's in your price range and it feels good, it's perfect for you.