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Simple tips to beat the winter blues

Simple tips to beat the winter blues

Winter has settled in and the nights have become long and cold. Sometimes even the days seem dark, dreary and never ending. The gloominess can really sap your energy, leaving you feeling unmotivated and draining all inspiration. For many, this is short lived: good humour returns with the first sunny winter's day but for others these feeling persist.

With the apt acronym SAD, seasonal affective disorder is not just a case of the winter blues, but a clinical condition, linked with the decrease in light exposure that frequently occurs in the colder months. Similar to depression, sufferers may experience feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities or changes in appetite. Fortunately, Australia has relatively short winters and while many Australians experience increased tiredness and lack of energy in the colder months, SAD diagnoses are uncommon.

If these cold wintry days leave you feeling flat, craving carbs and desiring nothing more than a day under the covers bingeing trashy TV, MiniJumbuk has a few tips to get you going again.

  • Get up, get dressed and get going. Stick to your routine as this will help to get you out of bed each morning.
  • Let your skin absorb as much natural sunlight as you can to boost your Vitamin D levels. If the sun pops its head through the clouds, brave the cold and pop yours outside - even for a minute or two.
  • Rug up and go for a walk or sign up for a gym class. Exercise is a huge mood booster and even more fun with a friend.
  • Prepare some deliciously, warming meals. Chocolate will boost your mood momentarily but munching your way through the whole block may not.
  • Plan your holiday to a warm, sunny destination. Dream big, you don't actually have to travel; apparently even planning can cheer you up.

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