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So you have got your perfect bedroom and sleeping environment, with a great bed and mattress and lovely MiniJumbuk quilts and pillows. This combination creates the ideal recipe for good sleep and with good sleep come good dreams.


We take a light hearted look at some interesting facts about dreams, food for thought for the next time you are drifting off to the land of nod!


1. Every human dreams. Whilst many people do not remember their dreams, they still have them.
2. Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their lifetime dreaming.
3. Our brains tend to be much more active when we sleep, than when we're awake.
4. Humans tend to have around 3 to 7 dreams a night. We dream around 2 to 3 hours per night.
5. 90% of dream memories are lost in the first minute after we wake.
6. Men tend to dream about men more than women, and women dream about people of both genders in equal measure.
7. It is impossible to dream when you're snoring
8. You can't read when you are dreaming, or tell the time, so if you are not sure if you are awake or dreaming try reading or looking at a clock for the time!
9. Dreams are responsible for many inventions including the idea for Google, dreamt by Larry Page.
10. Not everyone dreams in colour, as many as 12% of people dream only in black and white.

Sweet dreams everyone!