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Is Your Bedding Affecting Your Sleep?

Is Your Bedding Affecting Your Sleep?

At MiniJumbuk, we believe that nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep. Good sleep is essential to our good health, our happiness and our overall wellbeing. This is why for nearly 50 years, MiniJumbuk has been working hard to bring better quality sleep to everyone.


Sometimes, despite our best efforts it seems that sleep is completely elusive. Our ability to sleep is impacted by a host of factors. While some of these factors are within our control - others are beyond it. For this reason, MiniJumbuk recommends that to achieve your best night’s sleep possible you concentrate on those areas that you can influence.


Improving your sleep may be as simple as changing your bedding! You may think a quilt is a quilt - all soft and cosy, a bit fluffy and just made for snoozing. However, like pillows and mattress toppers, not all quilts are created equal. These differences can be the reason you wake feeling fresh and feisty or flat and foggy.


So is your bedding affecting your sleep? Our check list will help you decide.

  • Your bedding is made from a breathable natural fibre (like Australian wool!) that helps to keep your body at an even temperature throughout the night allowing you to sleep longer and more comfortably
  • Your mattress is supportive and comfortable with no dips or sagging bits
  • Your quilt (or quilts) keeps you at the perfect temperature all night long whatever the season
  • Your bedding is hypoallergenic so that if you are prone to asthma or allergies your bedding does not cause a reaction
  • Your pillow is comfortable and suited to your sleep style and helps you to maintain a ‘neutral’ spine position as you sleep
  • Your mattress topper helps to disperse body weight evenly, reducing pressure points for deeper more comfortable sleep


If your bedding is affecting your sleep, start by checking out our range of Quilts, Mattress Toppers and Pillows - made from Australian Wool and designed to improve your quality of sleep.

Is Your Bedding Affecting Your Sleep?