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Prioritise Sleep This Year

Prioritise Sleep This Year

Did you feel like you finished 2022 feeling tired? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! Studies show that 40% of Australians are getting too little sleep. We believe that prioritising sleep for your New Year’s resolution is one you will be able to stick to all year. 


Your brain uses sleep to recharge and sort through your experiences so you can perform at your best. To maximise your health and well-being, we have listed the top three reasons why you should prioritise your sleep and maintain your new year's resolution. 


MiniJumbuk's range of Quilts, Mattress Toppers and Pillows work together to create a Sleep System. The MiniJumbuk Sleep System has been developed to help you get the best possible night’s sleep. It is based on the holistic concept of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. 

 1. Accomplish more during your day 

    We all have busy schedules that come with tight deadlines, stress and lots to do. Staying awake to meet these pressures can have a detrimental impact on your sleep. Being awake for more than 17 hours impairs your ability to think clearly, leads to being less productive and impacts your mood at home and performance at work. Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling tired, less creative and makes it difficult to stay focused on important tasks and projects. Prioritise your 8 hours of sleep each day and become more productive.   


    2. Improve your diet 

      Sleep helps to regulate the hunger hormones in your body. If you are sleep deprived you are more likely to reach for snacky food, particularly sweet or fatty food. Getting more sleep will help you to make better food choices and improve your diet and overall health. To help improve the quality of your sleep, try a pre-bedtime snack.  Choose complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat toast or a bowl of oats to boost the hormone serotonin and help you to nod off.  


      3. Be more creative 

      Would you love to be more creative and learn a new skill this year? Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you feel drowsy throughout the day, it affects your memory, concentration and imagination. No matter what is on your list getting a good amount of sleep every night will help your brain and will be at its brightest for whatever you want to imagine.  



      Prioritise Sleep This Year