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Morning Routine Mistakes

Morning Routine Mistakes

We can’t all be morning people who bounce spryly out of bed, rested and ready to take on the day. For some of us mornings are difficult. We need time to adjust our body and mind for the day ahead. Everyone is different and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. To help you prepare for a hectic day ahead, we’ve listed five simple morning mistakes that are best avoided. We’ve also included some quick solutions for when you can’t!


Hitting Snooze

While this is something we are all guilty of doing at some point, the National Sleep Foundation suggests all those extra snooze minutes won’t benefit your mood or create a productive day. It can even have the opposite effect, as the extra sleep doesn’t last long enough to complete a sleep cycle, causing broken sleep and potential feeling more tired.


Solution: Place your morning alarm away from your bed where you will still hear it but must physically get out of bed to turn it off. This will force your body and mind to wake up and begin the day.  


Grabbing your phone first thing

After several hours of sleep, it’s easy to simply grab your phone and catch up on social media or the news to begin your day. This can prepare your day in a more negative way, as external sources will determine your mood for the day.


Solution: The morning is a great time to enjoy some quality ‘me time’ before the chaos of the day begins. Plan to spend the first few minutes of your day focussing on you – indulge in some reading, yoga or m to start the day feeling relaxed and positive!


Not preparing yourself the night before 

Mornings can be unpredictable. Sometimes small hiccups can create a hectic and rushed morning, which can set the tone for the rest of the day. Organising yourself the night before can make the morning routine easier and reduce stress levels.


Solution: Before you hop into bed aim to organise what you can for the following day, such as your outfit and lunch so the morning is organised and runs smoothly.


Not opening your blinds

It might seem like a silly one, but many of us don’t open our blinds in the morning as the morning sun can be too much to handle first thing. But sunlight is a great way to tell our mind and body that it’s time to begin the day.


Solution: Keep your blinds partially open so when the sun rises your body can slowly wake with the natural light or enjoy our breakfast beside a sunny window.


Not having a regular wake up time

Many of us try the ‘catch up’ sleep on the weekend and enjoy a well-deserved sleep-in. But this can confuse the mind and body, and your Sunday sleep in often makes Monday morning far worst. It’s important to have a regular sleep pattern so your body and mind can feel refreshed and restored no matter if it’s during the busy week or on the weekend. 


Solution: Set your alarm at the same time no matter if it’s a weekday or weekend. If you feel you need a little extra sleep on the weekend, only give yourself a short h of extra snoozing.

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Morning Routine Mistakes