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Tips for when you can't sleep

Tips for when you can't sleep

Fortunately for most of us at the end of the day, we fall into bed and are out for the count within minutes. For others, sleep can be a little more elusive. They find themselves staring at the ceiling, minds whirling and unable to relax.

After a busy day, it is important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep allows your body to relax and recharge, consolidate today and prepare for tomorrow. Unfortunately, you can’t force yourself to sleep. If you have been lying in bed counting sheep to help you fall asleep and it isn’t working, maybe it's time to change your bedtime routine.


Below are some helpful tips to help you fall asleep:


To improve your sleep start by identifying some of the factors that may affect the quality of your sleep. Apart from the usual recommendations like regular bedtimes, avoiding coffee and limiting screen time prior to bed, there are many other simple suggestions that may help you. You need to be comfortable. You can’t sleep if your tummy isn’t happy, and you definitely cannot sleep with cold feet!! Try to eat early enough to allow your food to digest before bedtime and ensure your bed is warm and cosy, but that your bedroom is cool with few distractions. Go to bed when you are tired. If you are still awake after 20 minutes get up and sit quietly in a darkened room resting until you feel tired again. If your mind is racing and once in bed you can’t switch off your thoughts, developing a wind-down routine may help you.


Keeping a journal or writing a list of jobs or worries is another great way to calm your mind and prepare for sleep. You may even like to try some meditation, breath relaxation techniques or listening to quiet music.


The Sleep Health Foundation offers some excellent information on how to establish good sleep habits - implementing just one or two of them may be all you need to get your sleep back on track. For further information, visit

Tips for when you can't sleep