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National Recycling Week - 10th - 16th November 2014

National Recycling Week - 10th - 16th November 2014

National Recycling Week is held from Monday 10th November to Sunday 16th November 2014 to encourage Australians to recycle and to promote the environmental benefits of recycling.


Planet Ark holds the event annually to give individuals, schools and workplaces the opportunity to reflect on their part in recycling within Australia. Many years ago the committed environmentalists were the only people interested in recycling. However, within the past decade it has increased to almost every Australian taking part.


Ideas to improve your recycling

  • Put a recycling bin next to each garbage bin in the house.
  • Use a reusable box or bin for your recycle objects instead of a plastic bag.
  • Try to buy products made from recycled materials. For example, when shopping look for the recycled symbol on toilet paper or office paper.
  • Improve your workplace recycling by buying recycled paper, notebooks and pens.


If you are unsure of what is and isn't accepted in your local recycling collection, visit or your local council website.

MiniJumbuk is affiliated with National Recycling Week's major sponsor, Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). APC educates businesses to design sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and to recycle business waste efficiently.


MiniJumbuk's involvement with the APC has allowed us to improve our packaging to be more sustainable for our new Airlight Technology quilt range. Our new range is packed in a beautiful, woven canvas bag with a thin cardboard topper that can be recycled after purchasing. This leaves the customer with a reusable canvas bag that is ideal for storing a winter quilt during the summer, or for extra linen that takes up room in the cupboards/linen press.


Every Australian can take positive action towards the environment by using the three R's, Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle.