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Our guide to Sleeping Well

Our guide to Sleeping Well

The benefits of good sleep have been well documented. Sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind - it boosts the immune system and helps to promote good mental health and wellbeing. When it comes to achieving good sleep, one of the best tips is to maintain a good sleep routine. In theory, that may be fine. In practice it can be difficult with life constantly pitching those left-field curve balls!


Always keen to promote better sleep, MiniJumbuk has gathered our favourite tips for better sleep whatever challenges your life may bring.


Set a sleep schedule. Plan for your eight hours sleep by setting regular times to sleep and wake, then stick to them. Circumstances may mean you need to be flexible, but this simple routine can be one small thing within your control on those days when chaos surrounds you.

Enjoy the sunlight. Our bodies use daylight to regulate our internal body clock. Take advantage of any sunshine and try to get outside every day. Stuck inside? Open your curtains and window and set yourself up in a sunny spot - even this will have a positive effect on your mood.

Keep active. Exercise is not only fabulous for a good health, but has the added benefit of wearing you out for better sleep. Instead of a quick mid-afternoon 40 winks (or worse choccy bar) boost your energy levels with your favourite workout routine or head out for a long walk.

Reserve your bed for sleep. Buy the best pillows, quilts and linen you can afford. Pile on soft cushions and throws and create a cosy haven in your bedroom. Banish phones, computers and tv's, and make your bed the perfect spot for intimate encounters and great sleep.

Practice relaxation. And if sleep still proves elusive, try setting aside 30 minutes prior to bedtime to relax and unwind. A warm bath with a good book and calming music or a relaxing meditation of yoga practice can help you transition from a stressful day to a peaceful night.