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How to choose your next quilt or duvet?

How to choose your next quilt or duvet?

Considering we spend approximately one third of our time in bed, sleep plays a hugely important role in our lives. For good health, 7-9 hours of sleep each night is recommended for adults and to achieve this, it is important to realise that the quilt selection you make today will affect the way you sleep tonight. A poor choice of quilt will negatively impact the quality of your rest, and be detrimental to your long term health and wellbeing.


Sleeping temperature is a very personal characteristic and when it comes to choosing a quilt, what one person finds too warm, the next may well find not warm enough. So with a vast array of quilts, doonas or duvets to choose from, how do you decide which is the perfect one for you?


Before you decide to replace your quilt, MiniJumbuk recommend that you consider the following points.


Your sleeping temperature

Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Unlike cold sleepers, those who sleep warmer will be restless with a thick, cosy quilt and will happily snuggle down on the coldest night with a deliciously light, wool cotton quilt designed for summer.


Your bedroom environment

The perfect room temperature for good sleep is around 18°C. Many factors impact the climate of a bedroom - the age of the house, the use of a heating or cooling system, even the type of window and floor coverings. If you have a colder home, look to a quilt that will offer maximum warmth in the depths of winter.


Your bedding

Brilliant for layering, consider how you can increase the versatility of your new quilt with your existing bedding. Warm up by teaming fleecy sheets and with a light rug for winter, then cool down with cool cotton sheets and a lightweight quilt cover as the temperature rises.


Your bedfellows

Partners, pets or children will add heat to your bed and can influence the level of warmth you need from your quilt. Partners frequently sleep at different temperatures. In this instance, a wool quilt is a great choice providing temperature regulating properties which can help balance out these variances.


Change of season

Ideally, as with our wardrobes, we would change our quilt with the seasons - thick, warm quilts for winter, and cooler, lighter ones for summer. For many, two quilts are simply impractical and a good compromise is a mid-weight quilt suitable for year round use.

MiniJumbuk offers a range of quilts. From our single layer, Ultralight quilt through to our five layer Thermal quilt, we have a quilt that will ensure you wake refreshed and revitalised every day.

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