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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep Awareness Week

Australia's Sleep Awareness week begins on Monday 29th September and ends on Sunday 5th October, perfectly coinciding with the clocks going forward one hour for daylight savings (VIC, NSW, SA, TAS & ACT).

Sleep Awareness week is an initiative of the Sleep Health Foundation to promote the importance of sleep as a pillar of good health. Over 10% of the Australian adult population suffer with some form of sleep disorder, so raising awareness about sleep and its benefits is important for all Australians.

Good Sleep Habits

  • Keep regular times for going to bed and getting up.
  • Relax for an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid going to bed on a full or empty stomach.
  • If you are not asleep after 20 minutes in bed, go to another room until you feel tired again.
  • Many poor sleepers spend too long in bed.
  • Keep distracting things out of the bedroom.
  • Get some sunlight during the day.
  • Most adults of all ages need 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • An evening nap can make it hard to sleep at night.

    Source - Sleep Health Foundation

Studies by the AWI (Woolmark) show that sleeping in or under wool improves sleep quality; this is related to wool's unique temperature and moisture management properties.

For more great sleep tips and advice on just about everything to do with sleep and sleep disorders, visit and check out their Information Library.