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World Arthritis Day - 12th October 2014

World Arthritis Day - 12th October 2014

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the collective name for many conditions affecting the joints. The conditions cause damage to joints and can cause stiffness, swelling and joint pain. Arthritis can affect almost any joint in the body and can be very debilitating.

Symptoms vary for sufferers, but can include pain, stiffness or reduced movement of a joint, swelling in a joint, redness and warmth in a joint. Other general symptoms include tiredness, weight loss, lethargy and a general feeling of being unwell.

Arthritis affects almost one in five people in Australia and can affect people from all ages and backgrounds and unfortunately arthritis has no cure. The pain of arthritis can be invisible to those who don't suffer from it, but debilitating for those that do. World Arthritis Day seeks to improve awareness and understanding of the disease.

Arthritis and sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can be difficult for arthritis sufferers, getting comfortable can be problematic and tossing and turning may lead to poor quality sleep. In turn, this can lead to day time issues with fatigue, moodiness and a lack of concentration.


Many arthritis sufferers find sleeping on a woollen underblanket/mattress topper or underlay can help. MiniJumbuk regularly receives feedback from customers suffering from arthritis, telling us that sleeping with one of our woollen mattress toppers has helped improve their sleep.


For most people with arthritis, a 'giving' sleeping surface is most comfortable. This means sleeping on a surface that conforms to and supports the body to avoid excessive pressure points on joints.


As wool fibres have a natural crimp and springiness, MiniJumbuk woollen underlays can diffuse pressure points, particularly around the back, shoulders and hips. This may help to prevent tossing and turning and promote deeper and sounder sleep. Getting a more restful sleep gives the body more time to heal and repair itself, which contributes to a better quality of life.


Of course there are also all the other benefits of sleeping with wool: it's 100% natural, it insulates against heat and cold and regulates air moisture content. Wool bedding is the perfect choice for a healthier sleep.


For more information on Arthritis including tips and advice please consult the following websites