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Sleep better these holidays

Sleep better these holidays
Summer holidays are here: time to kick back and relax with family and friends, catch up on some missed sleep and generally just recharge the battery for the year ahead. In theory, it all sounds blissfully simple however, between hot summer nights, unfamiliar beds and the occasional late night, reality can be very different.
Whether you are heading for the hills, unwinding at the beach or camping up the river, summer travel can lead to serious disruptions to your sleep. Changes to your daily routine, a new environment and even a different bed are just some of the many ways your holiday may impact your sleep quality.
For better sleep this holidays, read on for MiniJumbuk's best holiday sleep tips.
  • Eat out and enjoy the break from the kitchen. You won't sleep if you are still trying to digest your meal so avoid heavy fatty meals later in the evening.
  • If possible, take your own pillow. Even if the bed is less than luxurious, your pillow will offer the comfort and familiarity of home that you need to sleep easy.
  • Take advantage of the air conditioning. Set the room temperature to the ideal sleeping temperature of 18oC but if that is not an option, a wet towel with a fan can be very cooling on a hot night.
  • Pack ear plugs and an eye mask. These will help to prolong your sleep, blocking any noisy night-time disturbances and keeping the early morning sun from peeking through the curtains.
  • Limit your alcohol intake for better sleep. Relax and unwind in the hot summer evenings with an icy drink, but stay hydrated interspersing the wine with a tall glass of water.
  • Grab your family and your walking shoes. Exercise is good for your health and promotes healthy sleep so head out to explore your new surroundings.