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New Years Resolution: Eat better to sleep better

New Years Resolution: Eat better to sleep better

With Christmas done and dusted and January rapidly looming, now is the time to look ahead and of course, make your New Year resolutions. After the usual festive season over-indulgence, lifestyle choices alongside health and fitness goals often make it to the top of the list. If you are struggling to decide, perhaps your resolution this year could be - eat better to sleep better.


Here at MiniJumbuk, we all know the benefits of good sleep but did you know that your diet has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep? If you would like to sleep better and wake revitalised every day this year, here are some easy nutrition guidelines that can help you achieve your goal.


Low fat, low sugar for better sleep
A balanced diet, high in fibre and low in sugar and saturated fats, could potentially increase your sleep time by 2 hours per week. Research shows that a high sugar intake during the day leads to interrupted sleep at night. Additionally, a high fat, low fibre diet reduces the duration of Stage 3 deep sleep, the sleep that is responsible for memory consolidation.

Avoid heartburn inducing foods
Fatty and spicy foods, along with alcohol and even soft drinks can lead to heartburn or indigestion and are best avoided, particularly later in the day. Aside from extreme discomfort, heartburn sufferers have an increased chance of experiencing sleep related disorders like insomnia, sleep apnoea and daytime sleepiness.

Healthy choices for more sleep
Embrace a heathy diet that includes a range of wholesome unprocessed foods; fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, eggs, nuts and low-fat proteins and dairy. Choosing foods that are high in melatonin or tryptophan will help to regulate your sleep cycle and ensure that you sleep more peacefully.

Lose weight to sleep better
The added benefit of consciously making healthy food choices is weight loss. Dropping a few extra kilograms minimises the incidence of sleep disorders and their associated interruptions. You will sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed, ready to face whatever the New Year brings.