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Sleep better with your partner

Sleep better with your partner

Sleep better with your partner:


Sharing a bed with your partner - some of the best and worst nights of your life! With partners that snore, roll themselves into your share of the quilt and then open the window, complaining it's too hot, it is little wonder that a quarter of us blame our partners for poor sleep. One solution is moving to the couch or spare room but how do you deal with the complication of sleeping together without putting strain on your relationship?


Establish your problem and then try one of these simple remedies to help you and your partner sleep better together.


If your partner snoring keeps you awake try

  • Ensuring that there is no underlying medical cause for snoring like sinus and nasal problems or sleep apnoea.
  • Encouraging your partner to sleep on their side rather than their back. A higher profile pillow will help maintain correct spinal alignment for a comfy sleep.
  • Purchasing a white noise generator may help to mask any background noise with soothing sounds. Alternatively, consider earplugs to block out the racket.


If your partner sleeps at a different temperature try

  • Choosing bedding and bed clothes that help regulate your body temperature. Natural fibres, including wool, silk and cotton, allow your body to breathe, helping to keep you both at a consistent temperature throughout the night.
  • Maintaining your bedroom at a constant temperature to maintain body temperature. Studies suggest that a room temperature of about 18¬∞C promotes good sleep.
  • Purchasing a woollen topper or mattress protector. This addition to your bed can help cool down a mattress that is too hot while preventing chilly draughts rising up through your mattress. Wools unique ability to both warm and cool makes it ideal for partners that sleep at different temperatures.


If your partner struggles to share the quilt try

  • Super sizing your quilt. By choosing a quilt a size larger than your bed, each of you will have more quilt with plenty for both of you to snuggle in to.
  • Up sizing your bed, ensuring you choose a high quality supportive mattress. In a more spacious bed you won't notice your partner's tossing and turning, particularly if you choose a mattress with sides that can be adjusted independently.
  • Admitting defeat. Many couples with irreconcilable quilt differences choose to have their own quilt and with a range of five quilts MiniJumbuk will have the perfect quilt for you and your partner to sleep happily ever after!