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Sleep well this Autumn

Sleep well this Autumn

The weather is changing, daylight savings has ended and the footy has started. Autumn is well and truly here. While cool nights make for easier snoozing after tossing and turning through summer's hot and steamy weather, autumn can bring with it a new set of sleeping challenges. Here are a few of MiniJumbuk's favourite tips, bound to beat any issues hell bent on interrupting your much needed rest this autumn.


Maximise your exposure to sunlight by jumping out of bed and throwing open your curtains as soon as you wake. If possible, head out for a brisk morning walk. The shorter autumn days and associated decrease in sunlight hours lower vitamin D levels essential for healthy bone growth and interrupt the body's internal clock. Exposure to morning sun is a wonderful way to regulate your natural sleep cycle and avoid feelings of fatigue throughout the day.


Embrace the cool weather especially in your bedroom. While it is tempting to crank the fire and curl up with a good book, overheating yourself and your home can lead to poor sleep. Each night your body needs to lower its internal temperature several degrees to allow you to fall and remain asleep. Keeping your bedroom cool, but not cold, will ensure you sleep at the perfect temperatureall night rather than enduring the restlessness associated with being too hot.


Think sunny thoughts and stay happy as the weather moves toward winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression related to the change of season. Affecting an estimated 30% of the population in some countries, SAD saps your energy and creates chaos with melatonin levels responsible for your sleeping patterns. Where possible, stick to your regular bedtime routine, exercise regularly and avoid caffeine and electronics before bed to help beat the blues.