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Our guide to never feeling tired again

Our guide to never feeling tired again

Mad March! Every year March is the busiest of months, zapping your energy and leaving you exhausted, unable to muster the slightest enthusiasm for even the most tantalising of offers. Apart from tiredness and aching muscles, you find yourself easily fustrated and quickly losinng patience with often the simplest of tasks. Next time you are feeling puffed, here are few sure fire energy boosters.


Boost your Magnesium level - The body require magnesium for myriad of functions, including the breakdown of sugars for energy. A healthy diet generally provides sufficient magnesium to assist with this process. If you are feeling flat, try snacking on a handful of nuts, or increase your dietary intake o magnesium rich fish and wholegrains.


Eat regular meals - skipping meals, particularly breakfast, deprives your body of the fuel it requires to gett you through the day. Regular balanced meals prevent the mood swings and fatigue associated with low blood sugar levels and provide a constant source of energy to maintain peak performance every day.


Take a Nap - A short nap is the perfect pick me up but ensure it is no longer than an hour. Stretched out on the sofa or snuggled under your quilt, napping minimises the drain of information overload, while improvig the retentive powers of the brain.


Step it out - When you are exhausted exercise is a very unattractive option, however physical exercise is a proven energy booster and 10 minute brisk walk can improve you vitality for up to 2 hours. Walking requires no special equipment or training and best of all it's a great stress buster that can be done with a friend.