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Stress less, Sleep more this Christmas

Stress less, Sleep more this Christmas

According to the carol 'Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year'. In reality, the combination of late nights at Christmas parties, catching up with family and last minute wrapping added to our already busy schedules can leave the best of us feeling frazzled. The stress of it all can quickly drain the wonder, leaving you feeling agitated, impatient and less than festive.


With a to-do list a mile long, lying awake worrying is simple but a good night's sleep will improve your ability to deal with stressful situations and is the key to a great Christmas. Here are a few of MiniJumbuk's favourite ways to minimise stress, sleep easier and keep your Christmas merry and bright.


Family and friends - It's always a treat to catch up with the latest news of friends and loved ones at Christmas but we know that they are not all created equal; some are way more difficult. Reduce your stress level by planning ahead to maximise your fun factor and minimise the time spent with the trickier relations.

Last - While planning ahead, make a list of all the chores that need doing prior to Christmas and make a start on them. You will avoid the eleventh hour rush and traffic frenzy if you start early and work away at your list slowly. Waiting until the last minute will add to the stress, leaving you too exhausted to face the turkey.

The Cinderella Syndrome - Keep your energy levels high by sticking to your regular bedtime routine where possible. Before you head out, set a curfew and stick to it. If there is no way to leave early, a quick, restorative cat nap the following day can work wonders.

Have a giggle - laughter has long been considered the best medicine and it is brilliant for reducing tension. Take some time out for a comedy show, funny movie or even a good old 'Dad joke'. A good chuckle is guaranteed to lower stress levels and help you to relax before hopping into bed.

And . . . it is always perfectly fine to say no. If the pressure of meeting the expectations of others becomes too much, pick what is important to you. Concentrate on your own needs and say no to the rest. You deserve to have a fabulous Christmas too!