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Treating common bed stains

Treating common bed stains

Oh no! Accidents happen and sometimes they happen in bed. Whether it’s your morning coffee ending badly, a sick child or even an ageing pet, don’t panic - MiniJumbuk has a quick and easy solution to simply remove a variety of common bedding stains. Prompt attention to spills will help prevent your stain from setting and your bedding will be clean and fresh again in no time. Don’t let a little mishap ruin your bedding, let these tips help you minimise the damage.

Initially, assess the damage. Often there is no need to launder all the bedding. Spot cleaning is easy and effective, and in many cases will do the trick. The key to any successful treatment is speed. Once the spill has dried, it will be far more difficult to remove. Quickly blot any excess liquid with a soft absorbent cloth, and then choose the treatment that is most suited to your stain.

If you unsure where to start, a good general purpose wool cleaning treatment is using the following mixture to clean the affected area. Try not to soak or scrub at the mark as this can damage the wool fibres, and always allow the area to dry thoroughly before popping it back on the bed. A hairdryer can help speed up the drying process.

1 teaspoon approved wool detergent
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 litre of warm water

For more specific stains, try the following options.

Vomit – remove as much solid material and excess liquid from the bedding as possible, then use the mixture above to spot clean. For children transitioning from a cot to bed, this is also the best way to treat urine stains.

Blood – quickly remove any excess blood with a damp sponge. Follow this by dabbing the stain with white vinegar and then cold water.

Tea/Coffee/ Hot Chocolate - using white spirit, gently dab around the edge of the stain. Soak a cloth in a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and alcohol (probably not red wine!) then thoroughly dab the area. Use a clean, soft cloth to absorb the moisture.

Pet Urine - while there are many commercial products available, gently sponging the mark with a simple solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm water will remove the problem. Once the area is completely dried, a sprinkle of bicarbonate soda and a vacuum should neutralise any residual odour.

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Treating common bed stains