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Wake Refreshed - Our Sleep Checklist

Wake Refreshed - Our Sleep Checklist
6 am! The sun is up, the birds are chirping and your alarm is telling you it's time to rise and shine. While some will gleefully leap from bed, eager to discover the delights of the new day, others will be burrowing under the quilt like a bear in a cave, reaching groggily for the snooze button.
For those who struggle every morning, rest assured; we have a few simple tricks that will help you beat that morning fatigue, ensuring you wake refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. The best results will come with a little planning.
The battle for a great morning begins with a good night's sleep. Set the scene. Prepare for sleep earlier in the day by creating a good pre-bedtime routine. Ensure your bedroom is a calm welcoming space at the end of the day and that your bed is so cosy and comfy that you can't wait to hop in.
When your alarm sounds, however difficult it may be - get up. If necessary, move your alarm out of reach, forcing you out of bed. Instead of hitting snooze three times, set your alarm later and enjoy 10 minutes of extra sleep.
If you wish to bounce out of bed every morning, here is the MiniJumbuk checklist of handy tips to get you started.
Before bed
  • Avoid caffeine after lunch and skip the night cap
  • Eat your evening meal earlier
  • Relax with yoga or meditation routine rather than a workout
  • Swap your screen for your favourite author
Focus on your sleep
  • Take a little time to relax and unwind before sleep
  • Keep your bedroom cool to trigger sleep and prevent overheating in bed
  • Ensure your bed and pillow are comfy
  • Consider ear plugs to minimise noisy interruptions
In the morning
  • Get up when the alarm sounds
  • Seek out natural light or flick a switch to trigger your internal body clock
  • Hydrate and recharge - enjoy a refreshing glass of water and choose a delicious breakfast
  • Head out to the gym or go for a walk and take on the day