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Warm Up The Bedroom Without Heat!

Warm Up The Bedroom Without Heat!

With night time temperatures plummeting, the temptation to turn up the heater and warm your bedroom can be difficult to resist. Before you reach for the remote and send your heating bills skyrocketing, consider that the American National Sleep Foundation suggests the optimum room temperature for sleeping is around 18oC. For those struggling to feel snug and cosy in bed this winter, MiniJumbuk has lots of great ideas for warming up your bedroom - best of all, they are low cost and easy to implement.


Glass is a major source of heat transfer in homes. If possible, move your bed away from windows where the temperature is lower. Check seals surrounding the windows and exterior doors. Repair any gaps to prevent cold air and draughts seeping in or warm air creeping out. Thick, lined curtains offer an insulating barrier, preventing heat transfer through windows. Choose a bright cheery fabric for some extra warmth and buy the best quality you can afford, knowing they will also help to keep your room cool once summer arrives.


If you have a ceiling fan flick the switch to reverse the rotation direction. Your fan will now push the warm air down from the ceiling towards your bed. Carpet will help retain warmth in your home. For bedrooms with hard floors add some warmth and style with a floor rug. A sheepskin is the ultimate choice - there is nothing better than sinking your toes into the natural cosiness of wool as you venture out of bed on a frosty morning.


Warm up your bed. When the cold sets in, increase the heat with extra layers of snugness. Flannelette sheets, a woollen mattress topper, a deliciously warm winter quilt or a soft and light throw rug are all perfect additions to your bed as the cold intensifies. And finally, warm yourself up. If you are still shivering in your bed and sleep is elusive, go old school - it's definitely time to resort to socks, a beanie and your trusty hot water bottle!