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Wool Quilt/Duvet - Pros and Cons

Wool Quilt/Duvet - Pros and Cons

We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed. If you are looking to purchase a new quilt or duvet it is worth investing a little time and effort to ensure the choice you make will provide hours of deep restful slumber. At MiniJumbuk, we believe a wool quilt is a great choice. Wool is an amazing, natural fibre that humans have used for centuries to provide warmth and comfort summer and winter. When you consider the pros and cons of sleeping with wool we think you'll agree - wool stacks up pretty well.


Wool, the fleece shorn each year from the sheep's back is natural, renewable and biodegradable making it a great choice for both you and the environment. It offers unique properties that make it breathable and able to adjust to continually adjust to body temperature. When you sleep under a wool quilt these properties help regulate your body temperature, preventing swinging fluctuations between hot and cold and allowing you to sleep deeper and uninterrupted for longer periods.


Many would associate wool with the harsh scratchy fibre that as a child was itchy and uncomfortable to wear. With technological advances, wool processing has progressed to a level that sees wool so soft that it is now recommended for children and babies with eczema.

Innovation has bought about other advantages for wool quilts too. Quilts today are no longer heavy and impossible to sleep under but offer lightweight comfort as well as breathable warmth. And while wool benefits from regular airing in fresh air and sunshine, should the need arise, many quilts today are able to be popped in the machine, washed and in some instances even tumble dried.

Time for a new quilt? MiniJumbuk offers a range of wool and wool cotton quilts guaranteed to please. Shop MiniJumbuk quilts.