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The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Don Wray

The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Don Wray

Don Wray | Chairman

You have been part of MiniJumbuk from the start, how did you become involved with the company and tell us about the development of their first wool quilt?
Back in the '70s I was working as a sheep shearer, I developed a back injury from the shearing and was admitted to hospital for a month. My surgeon advised me to stop all physical work otherwise I could end up in a wheelchair before I turned forty.

Isobel Miles heard this news and asked me to buy a partnership in MiniJumbuk. The partnership lasted six months before I bought her out.

At the time, we were making MiniJumbuk souvenir sheep and had a small wool carding line. We developed a quilt for Onkaparinga and four years later marketed the quilt and the under blanket with the brand name MiniJumbuk.


What makes MiniJumbuk different to other wool bedding companies?
We have worked carefully over the years to look after the MiniJumbuk brand. The 40 year success story is due to MiniJumbuk making a better product than our competitors, keeping our manufacturing in South Australia, excellent staff and cutting edge R & D.


What does the 40 year anniversary mean to you?
MiniJumbuk's 40th anniversary is a great achievement for me personally as MiniJumbuk has been my life's work.