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The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Ann Gill

The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Ann Gill

Ann Gill | Pillow Specialist

How long have you been part of the MiniJumbuk team and what does a pillow specialist do?
I have been here for a while, I am coming up to my 20 year anniversary in September!
I make sure that all the pillows are finished to MiniJumbuk's high quality standards. All the pillows are manufactured in the local factory from start to finish, which I am very proud of.


A large part of your role at MiniJumbuk is manufacturing the pillows, how do find working with the fibre and can you suggest any tips to purchasing the right pillow?
The mix of wool and spiral man-made fibres creates a good blend and is easy to work with. The right pillow depends on the customer's personal needs, but should be firm and comfortable ensuring that the head and neck are gently supported.


What is your 'must have' MiniJumbuk product and why?
My 'must have' MiniJumbuk product is my Mattress Topper because it is so soft and comfortable to sleep on. It keeps me warm during the cold winter months and I turn it over onto the cotton side for the summer.


Pillows can be a hard product to care for; do you have any special tips to keep your pillow feeling fresh?
I occasionally put my pillows outside, undercover overnight during warmer weather to freshen it up. It can also help to turn your pillow regularly.