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The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Eric Lunney

The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Eric Lunney

Eric Lunney | Dispatch Supervisor

What is your role in the MiniJumbuk team and what do you enjoy most about your job?

I have a very 'hands on' role supervising the daily dispatching of outgoing stock to our major customers. I process and pack out the orders and liaise with both the Sales and Production departments as well.The thing I like most about my job is the team I work with. The guys in Dispatch are great, we get the work done and have fun whilst we do it. I've always tried to make my department an enjoyable experience for those in my team.


We are starting to get into our busy period, what kind of things do you do like doing outside of work to relax?

It's getting very busy now as we are getting into winter, which keeps you on your toes for sure. I try to catch up with friends and family during the weekends. There's nothing like having a group of good mates. It doesn't matter if we're in a shed working on the next “project”, watching a movie or just hanging out. It is all good.


What is your 'must have' MiniJumbuk product and why?

My 'must have' product is the Balance latex and wool pillow. It is extremely comfortable and supports my neck. It's just what you need after a big day of dispatching stock, to ensure I get a great night's sleep before doing it all again the next day!