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The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Ann-Marie Henschke

The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Ann-Marie Henschke

Ann-Marie Henschke | Fabric Machine Operator

You grew up in Naracoorte, how does having a company like MiniJumbuk impact the local town?
It has been great to see MiniJumbuk growing over the years and employing more local people as this impacts on the rest of the local businesses with people spending more money in Naracoorte. MiniJumbuk also attracts passing tourists which in turn helps the local economy. MiniJumbuk is a supporter of many local sporting clubs and events which people are appreciative of.


What MiniJumbuk product could you not live without and why?
I really like my Luxury + mattress topper. It's warm in winter with the fluffy wool side up and I reverse it over and sleep on the cotton side in summer to be cool and comfortable.


Do you have a useful tip for a MiniJumbuk product?
A great tip is to vacuum over your mattress topper when you change your bed linen, this fluffs up and freshens the wool pile and removes any dead skin cells. This will help to prolong the life of your mattress topper.