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Achieving Warmth with Wool

Achieving Warmth with Wool

The beautiful autumn days are quickly turning to clear chilly evenings and before we know it winter will be here in all its glory - cold blustery days and even colder nights. Don't let the deteriorating weather keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. There is nothing as invigorating as rugging up in warm layers and venturing out for a walk on a freezing afternoon; the fresh air is energising, a perfect mood booster.


But when it comes to the end of the day and all you crave is hours of deep, dreamless sleep, cold is definitely not where you want to be. In bed, you need to snuggle down in your warm, cosy nest and curl up for the night. After all, everyone knows that falling asleep with cold feet is absolutely impossible!


So what is the key to achieving warmth as you sleep? MiniJumbuk believe that the secret is wool. Wool offers many unique properties that make it the ideal fibre to sleep with. Made with Australian wool, warmth, comfort and temperature regulation are just the beginning of what MiniJumbuk bedding has to offer. The MiniJumbuk winter Sleep System(R) combines three elements of the MiniJumbuk range for the ultimate winter warmth experience.


MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy Mattress Topper - this thick multilayered mattress topper provides the natural warmth of a plush wool fleece and deep cushioning comfort, to help reduce pressure points and to ease aches for deep restorative sleep. Perfect for winter, it is also reversible for cool summer sleeping.

MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt - made using our advanced Airlight Technology the five layers of soft wool in this quilt will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. Perfect for cold sleepers and colder climates, the Thermal is the warmest yet lightest quilt in the MiniJumbuk range.


MiniJumbuk Breathe Pillow - encased in the perfect combination of wool and cotton this pillow creates natural airflow, allowing your face and skin to remain cool and breathe naturally. Your will enjoy a more restful sleep without overheating and, available in three height profiles, there is a Breathe Pillow to suit all type of sleeper.