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Properties of Wool

Properties of Wool

At MiniJumbuk, we love wool. Wool is what we have chosen for over 40 years to handcraft our premium Australian made bedding products. Nature's miracle fibre, wool offers many remarkable and unique properties that ensure it is not only perfect to sleep with, but make it incredibly versatile for a range of other uses.


To start with, wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. The fleece is grown each year by sheep, nourished by grass and a combination of water, fresh air and sunshine. Similar to human hair and nails, wool is composed of the protein keratin and at the end of its life will decompose, returning essential elements and nutrients to the soil.

Wool is naturally breathable and easy care, both characteristics that make it ideal for bedding products. Its ability to absorb moisture and draw it away from the body assists with temperature regulation as you sleep and technological developments mean many woollen products are able to be machine washed and tumble dried with ease. Added to this, the distinctive structure of the individual fibres means that wool is naturally resistant to wrinkles, stains and importantly, fire.


Recently the Woolmark Company, a not-for-profit organisation that works alongside Australia's woolgrowers to research, develop and certify Australian wool released a short animated film - The Innovator - highlighting even more of the wonderful properties of wool including


Warm and cool- wool is able to react to changes in body temperature, helping you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Odour resistant- wool is able to absorb moisture and draw it away from the body, keeping you drier and minimising odour that occurs with synthetics.
Soft on skin- fine merino wool, unlike traditional coarser wool fibres are luxurious and soft against the skin, gentle enough even for babies and eczema sufferers.

Naturally elastic - the springy nature of wool fibres provide natural elasticity, offering a comfort and resilience that is ideal for clothing, particularly active wear.

The MiniJumbuk Range

For Those Who Feel the Cold

Thermal Wool Quilt 500gsm

Our warmest and most luxurious winter quilt with five layers of warmth and an ultralight, soft-touch cotton casing.

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For the Cooler Months

Warm Wool Quilt 450gsm

Created specifically for 'cool' sleepers, the MiniJumbuk Warm Wool Quilt offers additional insulation and comfort with four layers of warmth.

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For Year Round Use

Everyday Wool Quilt 400gsm

MiniJumbuk's Everyday Wool Quilt utilises three layers of warmth to naturally regulates body temperature throughout the year.

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For Hot Weather & Warm Sleepers

Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 225gsm

With a two layer design, our Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is perfect solution for summer conditions or for sleepers who tend to get hot in bed.

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For the Hottest Temperatures

Ultralight Wool Cotton Quilt 150gsm

The Ultralight Wool Cotton Quilt's super fine cotton casing and ultra cool single-layer construction balance your body temperature during the warmest weather.

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Wool: The Innovator

For further information regarding the benefits of wool visit the Woolmark Company online at