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Best spots to get cosy with your sheepskin

Best spots to get cosy with your sheepskin

Brrr! It's cold outside but we have a great solution for bringing a big dose of snuggly warmth into your home on these freezing wintry days. No matter what room needs that extra touch of warmth this winter, the answer is always the same - sheepskin! Here are our best suggestions for getting cosy with your sheepskin wherever you are.


What better spot for a sheepskin than the floor? Pop one right next to your bed and let your toes revel in the warmth and softness as your feet hit the floor each morning. For the ultimate morning luxury, say g to cold tiles and try a sheepskin instead of a bath mat on your bathroom floor.


Kitchen, dining room, family room - every seat in the house will say 'yes' to a sheepskin. Soft, plush sheepskin will add comfort to a hard chair, warmth to a leather one and rejuvenate an old tired one, giving it a fresh new look. Relaxing by the fire is a favourite pastime in cold, miserable weather. Add extra cosiness to your favourite armchair by draping it in sheepskin, then wrap yourself in a thick blanket to enjoy the day working on your creativity or hunkered down with a good book.


Create an air of elegance and sophistication in your bedroom with a sheepskin thrown over the end of your bed or artistically arranged over your chaise lounge. Give children their own sheepskin. Lay it on the floor and babies will have a safe, portable spot to sleep or play, while older children can create their own fun with a super comfy carpet in their latest cubby space.


Whenever you need a cosy boost, simply add a sheepskin, just perfect for every room in the house.