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Wool is good for your skin

Wool is good for your skin

Among the many benefits of wool is its renowned ability to assist with the regulation of body temperature and moisture levels. When it comes to skin and skin conditions, it is a combination of these two properties that make wool the perfect choice for both clothing and bedding. This wonderful natural fibre helps manage the micro climate around the body, maintaining an even environment beneficial to the most sensitive of skin.


Previously found to be 'scratchy,' research indicates it is not the wool itself causing irritation, but rather the coarseness of the fibre. Garments made from finer wool fibres such as Merino wool are soft and gentle against the skin with many therapeutic advantages. Initial trials by dermatologists warrant further study, indicating that both infant and adult sufferers of eczema experienced reduced symptoms after wearing superfine Merino wool next to their skin when compared to cotton.


Eczema, a medical condition characterised by dry, scaly areas on the skin that can become inflamed and infected, is common in both children and adults. Keeping the skin cool and maintaining a constant moisture level can help to ease these symptoms. Wool is highly breathable. It is super absorbent and able to hold moisture without leaving the fabric feeling damp. It also allows this moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere. This wicking ability means wearing wool next to your skin helps you remain cool, dry and comfortable in hot, cold, humid or dry environments and can help to soothe inflamed or irritated skin.