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How wool is prepared before going into a MiniJumbuk product

How wool is prepared before going into a MiniJumbuk product

At MiniJumbuk we love wool. Wool is incredibly versatile and has been used as a textile for clothing and bedding for hundreds of years. Wool is nature's miracle fibre with so many properties that make it the perfect choice for wool bedding products.

Almost all of our wool is sourced locally from the South Australian Limestone Coast area, as the region is clean and green, making it ideal for wool growing. The wool we use is Down's wool, and is ideal for wool bedding as it has a spiral crimp that helps to trap air and unlike Merino wool doesn't go flat, so this helps to maintain the loft of the product.

Once the wool has been shorn from the sheep, it is sent to be cleaned and processed before it arrives at the MiniJumbuk factory.

  1. First the wool is scoured where the wool from the sheep's back is thoroughly washed in detergent to remove dirt and vegetable matter.
  2. Next the wool has the MycraLoft technology applied which is a conditioning treatment to improve loft and cleaning. The Mycraloft treatment is like applying conditioner to your hair, making it smoother and less likely to tangle when you wash it. By smoothing the scales on their surface, the wool fibres can slide easily over each other and can be washed without felting and shrinkage.
  3. After this, Ultra-Fresh is applied to the wool which helps to make the wool healthier, providing lasting freshness and effective control against dust mites.
  4. Finally, the wool arrives at MiniJumbuk where it is opened and processed on our state of the art Airlight Technology carding line to be made ready to go inside our wool bedding.

Airlight Technology is unique to MiniJumbuk - to demonstrate, we've even created this short video to show the Airlight Technology process.

How wool is prepared before going into a MiniJumbuk product