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Wool for your pet

Wool for your pet

Your pet's bed could be doing more harm than good. Since pets sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours every day, the quality of the bed they sleep on is just as important as the type of food they eat.


Pets have allergies just like us. Many are even allergic to the synthetic bedding they sleep on. Synthetic pet bedding is filled with chemical dyes, highly processed fabrics, cedar wood, and aromatic oils, many of which are allergy inducers for your pet. Long term exposure to these chemicals can lead to skin irritations.


At MiniJumbuk we manufacture pet pads for pets to sleep on, these wool fleecy pads can be placed on top of your pet's existing bed. Even better our pet pads are fully machine washable. We also produce large dog beds that are filled with our fleecy wool pile.


Both of these products will improve your pet's quality of life as the natural wool fibres repel moisture, provide better support, and reduce the stress on your pet's joints. The wool fibres hold natural cooling properties helping your pet stay cool and regulate their body temperature during summer, whilst in winter wool keeps your pet warm and cosy. Wool's springy characteristics provide consistent support for your furry friend whilst they rest and sleep and can even help arthritic pets receive an optimal level of therapeutic support, reducing joint stress and allowing them to relax.


Your pet is an important part of your family so why not treat them to wool for their bed? Contact our Factory Outlet Shop for more details on our pet beds and pet pads.