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The MiniJumbuk Difference

The MiniJumbuk Difference

What makes MiniJumbuk Australia's favourite wool bedding company? There is the care and craftsmanship that goes in to each and every product that leaves our Naracoorte mill. We source only the finest premium cotton casing fabrics that ensure softness and drape as you sleep. Our wool is full of Australia's fresh air and sunshine and then, it's the way we meticulously prepare the fleece and use our specially developed MiniJumbuk Airlight Technology to create our wool fills.

Wool is a natural fibre that is grown by sheep. The fleece protects sheep from the weather, keeping them warm during winter and cool during summer. Australia produces about 345 million kilos of wool every year (about one quarter of the world's wool) and MiniJumbuk uses over 350,000 kilos a year. Each year, the fleece is removed at shearing, ready to grow again and making wool truly renewable.

The raw wool is then cleaned. Scouring or washing is the first mechanical process that wool goes through, to remove grease and dirt from the fleece. This process is important to effectively remove almost all of the different types of contaminants, ensuring the fibres are cleaned and free of any dirt and impurities.


Soft and white, the clean wool is prepared for carding. To minimise the colonisation of dust mites, help prevent the growth of mould and bacteria and ensure bedding stays fresh and hygienic the wool also undergoes the UltraFresh process. A further conditioning treatment is applied to keep the wool fibres flexible and resilient, enabling our products to be safely washed and tumbled dried.

The carding process is like a giant comb. The tangled wool fibres are aligned and combed through a series of wire coated rollers. As the wool moves through the carding machine, any remaining impurities are removed. Our innovative Airlight Technology combs and cards the wool into fine webs, or layers that are combined multiple times for improved insulation. The layers create lighter quilts, allowing MiniJumbuk to offer a range, designed to suit your individual sleeping needs.