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Wear wool for a better sleep

Wear wool for a better sleep

Sleep is essential to good health and wellbeing at every stage of our lives. At MiniJumbuk, we believe that you will have the best night's sleep when you sleep surrounded by wool, so we were happy to have our theory backed by science. With its unique properties, wool's ability to regulate sleeping temperature and provide superior comfort in a range of sleeping environments has been confirmed by the Health Faculty at the University of Sydney.

In a three year study, participants trialled both wool and cotton sleepwear while sleeping under wool, cotton or polyester quilts. At a range of temperatures between 17 and 29oC, the study concluded that the longest, deepest sleep was achieved by those sleeping with a wool quilt and wool pyjamas. Additionally, it was noted that adults wearing wool fell asleep in just 12 minutes compared with 22 and 27 minutes for those wearing polyester or cotton.

The science behind a better night's sleep can be attributed to two of wool's exceptional characteristics: its absorption ability and its dynamic thermal capacity. Wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Any perspiration produced as you sleep is taken up by the wool, leaving your skin cool, dry and comfortable. Wool is also able to help create a buffer zone between your skin and your clothing. This microclimate helps minimise changes to the body's core temperature, effectively maintaining a more consistent sleeping temperature with less disturbance throughout the night.

Woolerina offers a range of products that are bound to help you sleep better. Your little ones will benefit from a cosy body suit and they are bound to sleep more soundly cocooned in a gorgeous wrap or snuggled in their soft wool sleeping bag. And for you, team a long or short sleeve tee with some comfy boxers and burrow down in your MiniJumbuk bed for a great night's sleep.