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Wool - a great choice for the environment

Wool - a great choice for the environment

Have you ever slept with MiniJumbuk wool bedding? If you answered yes, you will appreciate the amazing benefits that sleeping with wool has to offer. From the minute you slide into bed there is the extra comfort and cushioning of a soft, plush mattress topper. Add the breathability and temperature regulation that comes with a deliciously warm but light quilt and you will enjoy a deep, restful slumber that continues uninterrupted all night. Best of all, sleeping with wool is not only a good choice for you and your health; it is also a great choice for the environment.

Wool is Natural- Wool is the soft, durable fibre produced by sheep. Long days spent grazing their paddocks, mean these animals have already tested wools ability to withstand tough challenges in Australia's natural elements. No synthetic fibres are able to offer the same distinctive qualities of wool.

Wool is Renewable - Sheep naturally produce a fleece each year of their life. Skilled shearers carefully remove the fleece while the sheep returns happily to the paddock to begin the cycle again, making wool a totally renewable fibre.

Wool is Recyclable - Wool has many unique properties. It offers resilience, durability, and flame resistance as well as being absorbent yet water repellent. Woollen products are robust and long lasting but at the end of their life, these characteristics see wool being recycled for use in insulation and other industrial applications.

Wool is Biodegradable - Wool is 100% biodegradable - it comes from nature and returns to nature. As waste product, wool will decompose and can be reduced to natural raw materials, returning valuable nutrients to the soil in a reusable state, within 12 months. In similar conditions, synthetic fibres may take up to 40 years to break down.

Wool is Sustainable - Wool plays an important part in environmental sustainability. In an increasingly throwaway world, the longevity, recyclability and natural biodegradability of wool has significant long-term benefits for our planet.