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The Benefits of Wool

The Benefits of Wool

What's not to love about wool? An amazing fibre, wool is created and rigorously tested by nature to withstand rain, wind, snow and sun and all before it reaches consumers. If you ever thought that wool wasn't for you, consider the following and think again.


Wool is natural - formed in the skin of the sheep, wool is a natural protein fibre. Renowned for its effective all-weather protection, wool's unique characteristics are unmatched by any synthetic materials.

Wool is renewable - woolgrowers carefully nourish their flocks to ensure the growth of a quality fleece each year. Skilled shearing removes the fleece and the sheep return to the paddock unharmed.

Wool is biodegradable - unlike manmade fibres, wool will break down very quickly. As it decomposes, nutrients are made available to the soil to restart the lifecycle.

Wool is insulating - able to absorb and release water vapour to and from the air as humidity levels change. Generating and retaining heat as it absorbs moisture provides an insulating effect, keeping the body at an even temperature.

Wool is breathable - tightly packed, crimped fibres create tiny air pockets that enable wool to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp to touch. Evaporation releases the vapour to the atmosphere while skin remains dry and comfortable.

Wool is multi-climatic - the unique combination of insulating and breathability properties allows wool to continually adjust to changes in body temperature, keeping the body warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool is easy care - due to the waxy, anti-static nature of the wool fibre, wool products are naturally dust and stain resistant. Technological advances have resulted in wool being machine washable and able to be tumble dried.

Wool is hypoallergenic - the scales that coat the wool fibres minimise floating dust, capturing and holding particles until they are vacuumed away. The waxy fibre structure creates an unpalatable environment for dust mites and bacteria growth, making wool a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Wool is flame resistant - wool is naturally flame retardant and has a high ignition point. When burnt, wool does not melt or release toxic fumes, making a safe choice for home insulation, clothing and bedding.


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'Tested by nature. Tested by us' video created by The Woolmark Company