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Wool The Only Fibre for MiniJumbuk

Wool The Only Fibre for MiniJumbuk

For over 40 years MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting Australia's favourite wool bedding products at our Naracoorte Mill. We have seen countless changes since our early days in 1975. Trends have come and gone and the old has been superseded by the new but at MiniJumbuk, the basis on which we have built our business remains - we love wool.

From the beginning, MiniJumbuk chose wool. Wool is nature's wonder fibre and after 40 years, MiniJumbuk still believes that wool is the best. Wool has been evolved by nature to give sheep a coat that is strong and durable, yet wonderfully soft to touch. A coat that can be worn in snow, yet still protects and insulates in even the hottest climates. It keeps the sheep cool when it's warm, warm when it's cool and dry all year round. These properties can't be simulated by man-made fibres - no other fibre can do what wool does naturally!

Wool gives comfort in a greater range of temperatures with wool's unique structure allowing it to absorb and dissipate any moisture given off while you sleep (wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp). Wool's crimp helps trap air to insulate better, keeping you warm and also provides the resilience which allows it to retain its shape. Naturally flame resistant and hypoallergenic, wool is safe for the whole family and the perfect choice for children and babies.

MiniJumbuk use a specially selected blend of wool to provide the perfect fill for each of our pillows, quilts and mattress toppers. Improve your lifestyle with wool - when it comes to your bed choose MiniJumbuk - you'll enjoy a deeper, uninterrupted sleep and wake more refreshed.