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The MiniJumbuk Sleep System

Proudly Australian, MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting wool bedding products for over 40 years. From humble beginnings as a cottage industry to the innovative market leader that is MiniJumbuk today, the company has constantly strived to provide our customers with the best sleep experience possible. Over the years we have seen many changes but one fact remains consistent - we love wool! 

Wool, nature’s own wonder fibre, offers many exceptional properties that make it an ideal choice for bedding products, helping you to achieve the best night’s sleep possible. Using the holistic concept that ‘that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’, MiniJumbuk has developed the Sleep System to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit of sleeping with wool simply by combining the three components of the MiniJumbuk range:  mattress topper, quilt and pillow.

What is the MiniJumbuk Sleep System?

The MiniJumbuk Sleep System has been developed to help you get the best possible night’s sleep. It is based on the holistic concept of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Sleep System
  • Pillow


    Add a MiniJumbuk pillow to support your head and neck gently, while allowing your skin and face to breathe naturally.

  • Mattress Topper

    Mattress Topper

    A MiniJumbuk wool mattress topper dramatically improves your comfort in bed. Aches and pain dissipate, and you sleep more peacefully in the same position for longer as the cushioning comfort and natural warmth heals your body.

  • Quilt


    With wools unique ability to manage heat and moisture, combined with MiniJumbuk’s Airlight Technology, you will be able to select the rght quilt and maintain the perfect sleeping temperature.

How does the MiniJumbuk Sleep System work?

Research shows that sleeping with other fibres can lead to hot and cold spots around the body that make you restless. Surrounded by all three components of the MiniJumbuk Sleep System your body can adjust to its ideal temperature, so you sleep more peacefully and awake more refreshed. Wools unique thermal property helps where two people sleeping together sleep at different temperatures. Under some bedding, one feels too hot and the other too cold. With MiniJumbuk’s Sleep System both people should be able to adjust to their own ‘comfort’ temperature, so they both sleep more soundly.