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Sleep better with our SLEEP THERAPY mattress topper

Sleep better with our SLEEP THERAPY mattress topper

If you regularly wake with aches and pains you will be excited to hear that MiniJumbuk's new SLEEP THERAPY mattress topper is now available. Forming part of our new range of toppers, the SLEEP THERAPY topper with its innovative design offers multiple cushioning layers to help reduce body pressure points and enhance bedtime comfort. The springy nature of wool disperses body weight over a wider area, making it the ultimate natural fibre for reducing back, shoulder, neck or hip pain.


Proudly made in South Australia, the SLEEP THERAPY combines pure wool fleece with cushioning layers and cotton fill to provide a luxurious topper, increasing the comfort of a standard mattress by up to 35%. This dramatically decreases pain and discomfort allowing you to sleep longer in the same position. Less tossing and turning results in a higher quality, more restful sleep allowing you to wake refreshed and rejuvenated.


The wool and cotton combination ensures the topper is fully reversible for both summer and winter sleeping. Wool insulates you from a hot or cold mattress and its unique breathability and moisture management properties regulate your body temperature. Cotton with its natural cooling properties combines well with wool to maintain consistent body temperature throughout the night keeping you cool, dry and comfortable while sleeping.


As little as 30 minutes extra quality sleep each day benefits your health and wellbeing, making now the perfect time to experience MiniJumbuk's SLEEP THERAPY and invest in a great night's sleep.